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The Boats and Crew

We are the longest owned and operated parasail business in the area.
Our highly experienced Captains have trained parasailing opertions all over
the world. The boats are USCG
approved for up to six passengers with only the latest and greatest equipment.

The Experience

We offer the experience of a lifetime soaring above Anna Maria Island
upto 400 feet off the ground. Offering Single, Double and Triple Flights.
You can also add ONE observor to your reservation.
This is a memory that last forever.



The Dip

If you'd like a Gulf Coast refreshing dip just ask the captain.
Although most people think this is one of the best parts of the ride.
Are you curious about sharks? Yes, we do have them off our coast,
but the sharks gates don't open till sunset. (haha just kidding)

? Questions ?

How long is the trip?

You are on the boat for about and hour and in the air for approximately 12 minutes.

How many people are on the boat?

USCG allows a maximum of 6 passengers

Are there weight limits?

Yes, weight limits varely hour by hour according to the wind and sea conditions.
Normally our max load is around 450lbs.

For Email Bookings in Cortez, FL at the Seafood Shack Restaurant
For Email Bookings in Bradenton Beach, FL at the Bridge Tender Restaurant